oleh -171 Dilihat

(Ustadz Abu Hatim Falih حفظه الله)

In fact, every human being is born with a natural disposition, acknowledging that Allah created him and he only worships Allah alone.

However, there are always people who are deceived by Satan even to the extent of not believing in the existence of Allah the Creator.

This is what is known as an atheist, that is, someone who does not believe in the existence of God.

This belief has been refuted in the Qur’an, Allah Almighty says:

“Or were they created from nothing, or are they the creators?” (At-Tur: 35)

Al-Allama Abdurrahman bin Nashir as-Si’di may Allah have mercy on him in his tafsir said:

“This is an argument against them, with a matter in which they can only submit to the truth, or they go out of the consequence of reason and religion.”

“And its explanation: that they deny the oneness of Allah, deny His Messenger, and this entails denying that Allah created them.”

“And it has been decided in the mind and the shari’a that the matter is not free from one of three things:

  • “Either they were created from nothing, that is: there is no Creator who created them, but they found themselves without creation and without a Creator. And this is the very impossibility.”
  • “Or they are the creators of themselves, and this is also impossible, because it is inconceivable that they create themselves.”
  • “So if these two matters are canceled (impossible to happen, ed.) and their impossibility is clear, then the third section is determined that Allah is the One who created them.”

“And if this is determined, then it is known that Allah Almighty is the only one who is worshiped, who does not deserve worship and does not fit except to Him Almighty.”

(Tafsir as-Si’di, Publisher: Muasassah ar-Risalah)

It is also mentioned in the book (Ushulul Iman):

“And there came a group of people who wanted to discuss with Imam Abu Hanifah the issue of monotheism, so he said to them, may Allah have mercy on him: “Tell me before we discuss this matter about a ship on the Tigris river that goes to fill up on food and other things by itself and returns by itself, and docks by itself and returns again, all this without anyone organizing it?”
“So they said: “This is impossible, it cannot happen ever.” So he said to them: “If this is impossible in a ship, then how is it with this whole world, its height and its lower part?”
“So he reminded them that the consistency of the world, the accuracy of its creation, and the completion of its creation are evidence of the oneness and uniqueness of its Creator.”

(Book of the Origins of Faith) p. 17, Maktabah Dar al-Fajr)

May Allah Almighty strengthen our hearts on faith and Islam until we obtain husnul khatimah..

“Amen, Lord of the Worlds”

And may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon our master and prophet Muhammad, and his family and companions, and on all those who follow them with goodness until the Day of Judgment.


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